10 main signs of pregnancy

When couples try to conceive by doing family planning, then the question remains in their mind whether they conceive or not. The initial symptoms are usually felt in 6 to 14 days after pregnancy, many women do not notice any symptoms even after a month of pregnancy. Urine pregnancy test kit can be used to know about pregnancy but beta hCG test gives accurate and accurate results.

Usually the following 10 symptoms are seen in women during pregnancy.

1. Absence of menstruation –
Missing a woman’s period is a common symptom of pregnancy, but there can be other reasons as well. If there is no menstruation or other symptoms are not visible, a pregnancy test should be done.

symptoms of pregnancy

2. Morning sickness –
Early pregnancy symptoms include mood changes, nausea and vomiting. The rise in progesterone and estrogen levels can cause vomiting in the morning.

pregnancy test

3. Pain in breasts –
Pain in the breasts, heavy or dark color around the nipples are symptoms of pregnancy. As estrogen levels rise after conception, women feel a sharp pain in the breasts.

breast pain

4. Feeling of bloating and constipation –
Abdominal bloating or twitching and stretches after periods are symptoms of pregnancy. This may be a result of increased progesterone. Due to increased levels of hormones, digestion is hindered, as well as due to progesterone in the intestines, there can be problems in defecation, but do not panic, this is normal.

bloating and constipation

5. Change in body temperature –
After the transplant, the body and the immune system prepares itself for pregnancy, so the temperature rises. Normally, there is a slight increase in temperature at the time of ovulation, but it can be a symptom of pregnancy for more than 20 days after ovulation.


6. Bleeding and cramping –
Signs of implantation bleeding and cramping begin about a week before your period, which can be for a few hours or even days. These can be symptoms of pregnancy. The fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus in a process called implantation. This bleeding can be in the form of spots or light, if it is excessive, menstruation or miscarriage can also happen.

Implantation bleeding and cramping

7. Laziness, Fatigue and Sleepiness
Fatigue and sleepiness are one of the primary symptoms due to hormonal changes in the first trimester of pregnancy. Many women are more prone to this symptom in the first month of pregnancy.

Symptoms of Pregnancy

8. Mood Swing –
The symptom that affects the woman more in pregnancy is frequent mood swings. Hormonal changes in pregnancy can cause sudden happiness or sadness. Dizziness or vertigo is another early pregnancy symptom that many pregnant women experience. There is no need to be uncomfortable with these symptoms in pregnancy.

main symptom of pregnancy

9. Loss of appetite or desire to eat special things –
Due to the symptoms of pregnancy, the woman becomes sensitive about the food items. There may be a desire to eat spicy or favorite food. For some women, loss of appetite, feeling full or having problems with smell can be symptoms of pregnancy.


10. Frequent need to urinate –
Frequent urination is one of the main symptoms of pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the uterus starts putting pressure on the bladder, which can lead to this problem throughout the pregnancy.

IVF technology can prove to be helpful in conception for couples who have failed in natural attempts.

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