Can Stress Cause Infertility?

For some couples, the diagnosis of infertility may come as a surprise. Some other couples may have suspected or even known that they would have difficulty in conceiving a child. But despite how prepared a couple is for the news, diagnosing infertility due to stress can lead to a variety of concerns. Couples may anticipate fertility treatment with apprehension, pressure from their family, or financial stress which results in infertility due to stress. Infertility emotional stress can add strain to a couple’s interpersonal relationship too. One partner may feel more motivated than other to be successful with fertility treatment.

Before seeing a specialist to identify the possible infertility issues & Infertility emotional stress, there are some simple solutions to support your conception plan. Below mentioned are 10 simple tips to observe on a daily basis to fight infertility stress as suggested by , leading IVF specialist at IVF Ahmedabad centre. He is providing all the answers related to the question “Can stress cause infertility” below.

1. Lose the extra weight-
Overweight and obesity adversely affect the quality of ovulation, gametes, and therefore, fertility. The consequences of a few extra pounds on the scale do not end there. During pregnancy, they increase the risk of complications which include miscarriage, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, etc.

Stress and infertility

2. Crush your last Cigarette
Or, better yet, never start. It does not have a good reputation with doctors as its misdeeds are innumerable. In women, it reduces the quality of the oocytes whereas in men, it impacts the mobility of spermatozoa, and their number.

Ways to reduce stress

3. Make love once every two days-
In the event of intercourse too close together, the sperm does not have enough time to “regenerate”, and are not numerous enough.

The right frequency is once, every two days in the middle of the cycle. Having sex regularly, twice or thrice a week, is enough to optimize your chances.

Stress during IVF

4. Relation between Stress and infertility: Sit and Relax-
“Stress can disrupt cycles,” warns (Centre Head at IVF Ahmedabad centre). Long suspected, the impact of stress on fertility has been demonstrated by studies. Whether it comes from work or the private sphere, the idea would be to remove what causes it. As this is not always possible, there are a thousand ways to reduce infertility due to stress. Yoga and Self-hypnosis are one of them. Hence, stress and infertility is definitely a bad combination.

5. Exercise… but not in excess-
“Regular physical activity is very important,” insists (Centre Head, IVF Ahmedabad Centre). Exercise especially Yoga helps in regulating cycle and stimulating ovulation. In men, it is beneficial for spermatogenesis. Plus, getting moving is a great antidote to stress, and a great way to keep your weight & body in shape.

Does stress cause infertility in females

6. Having children before 35-
The younger you are, the less difficulty you will have in having a child. As far as possible, one must think about it early. This advice is also suitable for men. If 78% of them can conceive within six months when they are under 25, the chances will be 58% over 35.

Effects of stress during pregnancy

7. Pay attention to the environment
Tobacco considerably reduces the chances of having a child. It almost halves them.” Ditto for alcohol and cannabis. Without forgetting the famous endocrine disruptors which are unfortunately everywhere including dyes, food films, papers, household products, cosmetics, clothing, bedding etc. a woman in the desire to become pregnant must be less exposed to this harmful environment. You must consume organic, eat fresh products, limit the consumption of cold meats which are very polluted, favor inert materials such as glass or stainless steel “.

8. Do not neglect the psychological aspect-
It is undeniable. The person must feel safe in their marriage to have a child. It is necessary to define and raise the fears which can be linked to the history which one had with their own family, stated (Centre Head, IVF Ahmedabad Centre) Sometimes you just have to open the doors and share the right story with your doctor for them to make you feel free from certain things.

Stress infertility

9. Know when to be concerned and when to consult-
When a woman is over 35, she should not wait for too long before consulting. The couple can see a doctor after six months of unsuccessful attempts & fighting infertility emotional stress. For others who are younger, no need to take stress unnecessarily. Because stress, too, accentuates infertility.

Infertility emotional stress

10. (Re) Discover the power of plants-
Plants are said to be “fertility friendly” when it comes to fighting infertility stress. Nettle, raspberry, angelica, chaste tree including some others are plants beneficial to fertility. Notably, because they restore the hormonal balance. However, be careful not to indulge in self-medication.
It is important to consult a physiotherapist, if possible an expert in fertility to check that there are no contraindications.


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