Loan for IVF: Eligibility Criteria

Couples seeking children who normally face difficulty conceiving eventually opt for IVF treatment. It is a type of assisted reproductive technology, with the help of which more than 8 million babies have been born worldwide so far.

However, due to the complex procedures and modern equipment involved in the treatment of IVF, it usually goes out of the budget of the common man and this is the biggest reason why many couples are unable to opt for this option even if they wish.

But the good news is that the couple who want to have a child can now get a loan of up to Rs 10 lakh. That is, now you can start the treatment in a small amount and can get complete treatment through loan. The joy of becoming a parent is priceless and now you too can get that happiness with the facility of loan for IVF .

Loan for IVF: Eligibility Criteria
You can easily get a loan for IVF if you fulfill the eligibility criteria given below:

Applicant’s age should be 18-65 years

• Applicant should be a resident of India

• Have a regular source of income

Minimum monthly salary should be at least 15000

Documents required at the time of loan application for IVF
To get loan for IVF, you must have the following documents:

• Identity Proof : PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport (any one)

• Proof of residence: utility bill, rent agreement, passport, sales deed

• Bank statement for the last 6 months showing proof of income or salary sleep for the last three months

• Business Proof: Shop & Registration Certificate, GST Registration, Proof of Office Address, Property Document, Electricity Bill, Maintenance Bill

• Date of Birth Proof

• In case of temporary residence, lease or rent agreement, electricity bill (not more than three months old)

• Proof of ownership (if any)

loan for ivf

Benefits of Loan for IVF
Utilization of funds: The amount received for IVF treatment can be used for any expenses related to the treatment which ranges from doctor consultation fee to medicines.

Flexible Repayment: IVF treatment at Indira IVF is now available at an easy monthly installment of ₹ 4167/- and one can choose a tenure of 6 to 24 months for repayment.

Affordable Interest Rates: Loans for IVF treatment are available at very affordable interest rates which are much lower as compared to a personal loan.

Minimum Documentation: The biggest advantage of a loan for IVF treatment is that it involves minimal documentation.

Instant Approval and Disbursement: Loans for IVF get instant approval as compared to other loans and the amount is disbursed within 24-48 hours.

Increase in Credit Score: Timely repayment enhances your credit score which helps you to secure more loans in future.


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