Top Pregnancy Myths

Since the dawn of time, pregnancy has fascinated, as much as it questions. And since, during a long period of history, many questions on this subject have remained unanswered as medicine was not advanced & beliefs, superstitions and other myths have come to compensate for this lack.

But, despite the progress and advances in medicine, several pregnancy myths still have many adherents. It is true that some may hide a part of the truth, but for others, they have no basis and are absolutely unreliable

Top Pregnancy Myths
Below are 10 top pregnancy myths busted along with their reality.

1) Round belly for a girl and a pointed belly for a boy: False!
It is certainly one of the most famous pregnancy myths, since all pregnant women must have heard of it at least once. Of course, this belief has no scientific basis, because while it is true that the shape of a pregnant woman’s belly can vary depending on several factors, the sex of the baby is not one of them.

Top pregnancy myths

2) The full moon promotes childbirth: False!
This pregnancy myth also turns out to be false. Studies have been carried out on the subject and claim that births are not more numerous on full moon nights. There are many pregnancy food myths too, but, not all the pregnancy food myths are a reality.

Pregnancy food myths

3) Each pregnancy costs the mother one tooth less: False!
This belief does not come out of nowhere, since it is true that at a certain time, pregnancy could have devastating effects on the teeth of the mother-to-be. Indeed, dentistry was not what it is today. Added to this, the fatigue of pregnancy, and therefore very poor dental hygiene, you will necessarily get a fewer teeth. However, this belief is absolutely irrelevant today.

4) Baby’s hair is the reason for heartburn: Wrong!
There is also another version of this pregnancy myth that claims that the more heartburn a mother has, the more hair her baby will have. The truth is, heartburn has absolutely nothing to do with the hair your baby will or won’t have. This article has all the pregnancy myths debunked & explained with their realities.

Pregnancy myths

5) It is possible to know the sex of the baby with a pendulum: Wrong!
In many families, this is a rite: passing a pendulum over the belly of the pregnant woman to guess the sex of the baby. Even if this myth allows you to have a good time and make family predictions about the unborn baby’s sex, it is absolutely not an exact science!

Tension during pregnancy

6) You must not cross your legs at the risk of the baby’s cord strangling him/her: False!
This funny belief actually exists in all five continents, but it is not true. It is indeed sometimes not advisable to cross your legs while pregnant, but for the simple reason that it can cause blood circulation problems.

7) It is possible to determine the sex of the baby thanks to his heart rate: False!
The myth suggests that if a baby has a heart rate above 140 beats/min then it’s a girl, but if it’s 139 beats/min or less, then it’s a boy. But a recent study showed that the heart rate absolutely cannot determine the sex of the child.

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8) If the mother has pain in her navel, the baby is playing with the cord: False!
If the navel is indeed the scar of the umbilical cord, it has nothing to do with that of her child. Even if it is proven that the baby can feel certain emotions of his mother in utero, this myth is nevertheless false.

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9) The second pregnancy is noticed more quickly: True!
Since the muscles of the stomach and uterus have already been stretched for the first time, a second pregnancy will be seen more quickly. Psychologists are also of the opinion that the body’s memory also plays a role, since it remembers the first pregnancy and its effects, and will therefore reproduce them more easily.

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy

10) The second childbirth is easier than the first: True!
It is true that for a second childbirth, the labor time is generally shorter, since the passage has already been made. In addition, there is also the psychological dimension which plays a very important role. This article has all the pregnancy myths debunked & explained with their realities.

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